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Our Janitorial and Cleaning Maid Services

Professional Cleaning Solutions is a full service janitorial company, specializing in janitorial and maintenance services for commercial, industrial, medical, offices, and shopping mall facilities in London and surrounding area. We provide experienced and professional janitorial staff to perform a quality office cleaning and other commercial cleaning job.

We also provide a professional and personally tailored cleaning maid service for both domestic and business clients. We specialise in all sorts of residential and commercial cleaning and provide a guaranteed quality cleaning and attention to detail.

All of our cleaning maids, housekeepers and other janitorial staff members are trained before they're permitted to clean your house or business. Each cleaning crew has a supervisor who is in charge of making sure nothing is missed and that any special requests we receive from our customers is taken care of.

We can also provide the cleaning products upon request. If you choose to use your own products or equipment because of allergic or other reasons, please let our office know and leave them out where we can easily find them, preferably in the kitchen area.

Our business model is built on customer trust and outstanding service. If you're looking for janitorial service or a cleaning maid in London or surrounding area, please give us a call.

We can offer you a substantial saving on your current cleaning bill without compromising the quality of the cleaning service. Please CONTACT US now for a free no obligation quote or even if you’re just looking for free, friendly advice.

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